Meet the board

Davis Kyle


After moving to Kelowna in 2003 and learning to ride a bike in the countryside of South East Kelowna, Davis has worked to promote infrastructure design, road safety, and mode-shift for the benefit of all Kelowna residents. With Vision Zero as the long term goal, you will find Davis helping out at small events like bike valets in the summer to promote cycling in the community.

Brett Blair

Vice President

Moving to Kelowna in 2018, Brett has been riding up and down the windy Okanagan hillsides on dirt and asphalt since. Prior to 2020, Brett primarily saw cycling as a recreational activity but on one fateful day the YouTube algorithm suggested a “NotJustBikes” video – the rest is history. Still spending most of his free time in the saddle, Brett has now realized the potential Kelowna possesses to become not just a cycling haven but even one of the cycling leaders in North America. Focusing on public engagement, Brett is eager to help the Coalition to advocate for protected cycling infrastructure and other active transportation measures.

Braden King


A bicycle has been, at least partially, Braden’s transportation, gym, child hauling machine, social networking device, exploration vehicle, place to think, and even a great date activity.

Braden sees biking as transportation freedom. No other vehicle allows almost anyone of any age to efficiently get around our city, while being inexpensive, simple to maintain, and not requiring the seas of parking, insurance, licensing, and registration of automobiles.

He joined KACC to advocate for common sense transportation infrastructure by either designing for slower speeds on lively local streets or physically separating vulnerable road users on higher speed roads.

Nathan Hind


Nathan grew up cycling in Kelowna, and now loves sharing the experience with his kids. Since his oldest entered kindergarten in 2022, Nathan has become particularly passionate about making it easier for parents to ride their kids to school, and making the city more safe and comfortable for families riding together and completing errands by bike.

Melody Cole


Melody relocated to Kelowna with her family in 2007. After living in hilly cities in BC and Washington, she welcomed the bikeability that Kelowna offers. She has a deep appreciation for all the Okanagan provides and joined the Cycling Coalition to be a more integral part of building a healthy, safe and sustainable cycling community. As a mama of 3 active kiddos that cycle in the city and mountains, it is important to reduce barriers so everyone feels safe getting around our fine city.

You can find Melody commuting to work by bike year round, being involved in GoByBike Week at her workplace, mountain biking with friends and road riding the rail trail. She believes the correct number of bikes any individual needs is n+1, there is always more fun to be had on a bike!

Skye Chataway


Skye is an everyday cyclist and mountain bike enthusiast.  He feels that the Okanagan’s mild & dry climate and flat valley bottom make great cycling most months of the year. Growing up in Kelowna, Skye has a keen eye for pleasing cycle-routes across town with the least traffic. Newbies can ask him for prefered routes! Skye has experience living in and visiting many cities around the world and since returning to Kelowna in 2011 he hopes to share his ideas and passion for encouraging increased cycling as the best way to make a great city. “Cycling is a lifestyle choice that has many benefits to our health, economies, environment and besides it’s fun!”

Stephanie King


Stephanie embraced a two-wheeled lifestyle after her partner introduced her to biking in Toronto. A quick learner of the cycling community’s mantra, N+1, Stephanie now navigates the challenge of finding ample bike storage for her family’s ever-expanding collection of bicycles.

With Kelowna’s rapid growth, Stephanie can envision the city as a potential cycling haven. Motivated by the desire to create a safe environment for her son to navigate the city independently when the time comes, Stephanie joined the board with a focus on public engagement. She is excited to contribute to the Coalition’s efforts to advocate for protected cycling infrastructure and promote active transportation measures as Kelowna evolves into a thriving and bike-friendly community.